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Kurama - little fox in the rain by Auriaslayer Kurama - little fox in the rain :iconauriaslayer:Auriaslayer 4 2
    Sanctuary, Greece. July 1968.
Some time had passed since Orianne and Eridanus Crenea decided to work together as a student and teacher. The initial intentions were good, but they had some arguments still from time to time. Crenea had to remember her almost all days to put on her mask, since she wasn’t used to it. However they always put them out during training, since they used to go to female saints area or the mountains near Sanctuary, were no men were around.
Orianne finished with warm-up and looked at her teacher. She indicated her to start pulling a 2 tones rock way up the mountain.
-It’s been a month already- said Crenea, thinking aloud.
-Should we do a cake and celebrate it? I like Chocolate cake, lemon cake, blueberry cake, red fruit cake, … and we can write “for the first training month” with liquid chocolate on top.
-Who would celebrate such thing?-asked Crenea, doubting if her pupil was pulling her leg or not.-Remember th
:iconauriaslayer:Auriaslayer 1 5
Aquilo and Winter Gray - Prize by Auriaslayer Aquilo and Winter Gray - Prize :iconauriaslayer:Auriaslayer 19 8 Saiunkoku Monogatari - Kou Shuurei and Shi Ryuuki by Auriaslayer Saiunkoku Monogatari - Kou Shuurei and Shi Ryuuki :iconauriaslayer:Auriaslayer 3 3
    Sanctuary, Greece. June 1968.
Orianne woke up feeling every little pain from her body. “Damn, she’s surely strong” she thought. She prepared herself quickly; ignoring the signals of her muscles and bones, and went out to find Crenea.
-Good morning.
-Good morning! You’ve been the first thing I’ve thought when I’ve awaked today, and not in the good sense -said Orianne laughing a bit.
-We need to talk about these days -said suddenly Crenea.
Orianne was very quiet for a moment. Her smile faded slowly.
-Yes, I agree. I wanted to say this yesterday, but couldn’t. I’m sorry for how I treated you the first day. You are much better than me and I thought you couldn’t teach me more things than I know. I even complained to the administration the first day and asked for a change…
Crenea saw the sincerity in her eyes, and appreciated it.
-I went to the administration to complain too.
Orianne felt worse, she started t
:iconauriaslayer:Auriaslayer 0 2
Super Mandala Girl by Auriaslayer Super Mandala Girl :iconauriaslayer:Auriaslayer 11 10
    Sanctuary, Greece. June 1968.
Both put themselves on guard. The fight started. Crenea did the first move: a hook punch. It was fast, the trainee only had time to put her arms to block it. It hit with strength, Orianne moved a little to the same side of the direction of the fist to reduce the damage.
Orianne benefited from her movement to follow rotating and perform a low wheel kick, direct to the Saint’s calf. Crenea moved fast and jumped above the kick, and she replied with a front push kick.

Artwork by Sanae94
-You are quite tough, aren’t you? Your fighting style is similar to the trainee I fought yesterday during the test, I guess that’s the main style from Sanctuary… -Orianne tried an axe kick (from up to down), but Crenea dodged it easily.
-Yes -Crenea went directly with a jab, Orianne blocked it successfully with both arms, so Crenea hit her on the belly with her knee. Orianne mo
:iconauriaslayer:Auriaslayer 0 3
Flores azules by Auriaslayer Flores azules :iconauriaslayer:Auriaslayer 8 5
    Sanctuary, Greece. June 1968.
Orianne woke up and went to the dining room. The meals on the female saints residence were quite good, but not abundant for each one so they could train better.
After getting ready she went out. Next to the door a little girl with red hair bumped with her.
-Gomenasai! -said immediately the little girl.
-Don’t worry -smiled Orianne, she didn’t understand the word but could deduce the meaning-  Be careful next time.
Another little girl with green hair and brown clothes yelled from some distance:
-Marin! Come on, you’re late!
The little red haired girl ran towards the other kid. Orianne continued her way to the administration building.
On the way to the administration building she found Crenea waiting next to the Zodiac Clock. She wasn’t wearing her armor that day, just a simple cian shirt and grey trousers. She didn’t expect her. They waited for the other to start the conversation. Afte
:iconauriaslayer:Auriaslayer 0 2
Leaf nimph - Autumn end by Auriaslayer Leaf nimph - Autumn end :iconauriaslayer:Auriaslayer 11 4 Naturally Love by Auriaslayer Naturally Love :iconauriaslayer:Auriaslayer 28 18 Happy 2017 - Mizuki's New Year Live by Auriaslayer Happy 2017 - Mizuki's New Year Live :iconauriaslayer:Auriaslayer 24 14 2016 ART SUMMARY by Auriaslayer 2016 ART SUMMARY :iconauriaslayer:Auriaslayer 6 7 Bublegum and Marceline by Auriaslayer Bublegum and Marceline :iconauriaslayer:Auriaslayer 12 5 Calliope-Twilight MerryChristmas by Auriaslayer Calliope-Twilight MerryChristmas :iconauriaslayer:Auriaslayer 9 1 Metal-Godzilla Delta pony by Auriaslayer Metal-Godzilla Delta pony :iconauriaslayer:Auriaslayer 15 6


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Looking for Saint Seiya OCs!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 18, 2017, 4:52 AM
Hi everybody!
I'm working on a story based on Saint Seiya's world. I'm writing about some canon characters and my OCs, and I would like to include more OCs to make the story more interesting.
Instead of creating more OCs just to be secondary characters of the story (and nothing more) I think it would be better to offer the chance for other characters to appear. There are a lot of nice and well constructed OCs, they deserve opportunities to be more known.

Information and Requirements:

  • Including your OC would mean that you give me permission to write about him / her and to add him/her to some drawings. I'll respect his/her design, personality and  biography. 
  • The story is defined in a concrete period of time, beginning (mainly) in 1968. I would prefer to include the OC at the age he/she would have those years. I could accept atemporary characters, but if I'm doing this is also to enrich that character's story and live ambient. It would be very strange for an admirer of that OC seeing him/her at the age of 18 in a picture based on Lost Canvas and at the same age in a drawing based on 12Houses without any explanation. 
    • Please note that Canon Saint Seiya is at some points already incoherent, that's why I would like to simplify and stick to the bases, but I can consider other interpretations and theories. 
    • To make the chronology of story I've settled Seiya's achievement of Pegasus Cloth as the referring point. From there I've calculated the ages of other canon characters and the main events. At the beginning of the story there are some gold saints, but very young. Shion is the pope and Saga haven't become evil yet. 
  • Villains are very welcome! However I've already prepared some for my story, I would have to study how to integrate them coherently. 
  • Love,  not hate. Each person has got an interpretation about the series, so share your ideas respectfully. If you are not agree with something I've written in the story that affects your OC I invite you to comment me, and I'll consider changing it. 

The story begins here:

Artwork by aoi-ryu
          Huesca, Spain. May 1966.
Orianne sat at the edge of the mountain, watching sun fading.
-I have to accept it –She took a deep breath- I’m a failure.
Her mind was going fast, a mix of images and sounds, remembering scenes of her training, of her desire, of her try and… of her fall. Tears rolled down her cheeks.
-Was I expecting too much from myself? After all my efforts to be ready for the Roldan’s jump… and I barely can tell it. I’m not good enough, maybe I’m not even worthy to be an Athena’s saint.
An east breeze reached her and moved her hair quietly. She felt the salty taste of her tears and started to laugh.
-Gold saint! What was I thinking in?! Everyone told me that the test was going to be too much for me, but I felt special and thought I was different, that I could reach the other crag and I would be able
TIME FLOWS: 2- THE ARRIVAL  Artwork by HoshiBlue21

            Sanctuary, Greece. June 1968.

The air was hot, but at least a breeze caressed her face. The more she travelled to south in last month the more she felt the summer.
Orianne was getting closer to Sanctuary, but decided to do a little break on her journey. Found a place filled with ruins, beautiful at sight  but felt like a thorn in her heart.
-I’m almost there, but just watching these ruins I’m starting to doubt…
But then she remembered the words of that stranger back in Latvia.
-Come on Orianne! Stop doubting anymore! You have been travelling for a month, there’s no way back!
The night was coming, so started a fire to prepare dinner. After a bit of bread and grilled rabbit she contemplated stars and started to wonder.
-What kind of teacher will I have? That’s if they accept me again, of course…
She i
Artwork by DerpyGardener
            Sanctuary, Greece. June 1968.
Time to start a new routine. Now instead of training by herself, it will be under the tutoring of a Saint, like years ago.
Orianne went running to talk with the counter boy. She hoped him not to make her sign more papers, and just say who was going to be her teacher.
-Oh, good morning. We’ve been able to assign you a tutor. Here it is –the boy gave her a paper.
“Why don’t you explain it to me instead of giving me more documents?” She complained on her mind. She watched impatiently the sheet. There was a photograph of a female saint on it. She read the name “Crenea”. “What a strange name” she thought “Maybe it’s a greek name or something”. She stopped at a concrete line.
-HEY! Here says that she’s a BRONZE Saint!
-Uuh… yes?
-I can
TIME FLOWS: 4- FIRST MEET        Sanctuary, Greece. June 1968.

Orianne run to the Clock, and watched a figure standing backwards to her. “She must be Crenea, there isn’t any other Saint around”.
-I need to talk to you!
Crenea turned and observed Orianne carfully.
-Hello, I’m Orianne. I’m supposed to be your trainee but I think there’s been a mistake. I’m not a novice, I know already how to fight.
Crenea slightly raised an eyebrow. She waited for more explanations.
-Surely you’ll have better things to do than to repeat for me the same lessons I took in the Pyrenees, and me too sincerely. I’ve presented a complaint and asked for a change, I think this will be settled soon.
They looked each other in silence. Orianne started to get nervous.
-What a bad introduction-said Crenea. Her words were cold, but deep.
-This is not a restaurant where you can choose from a menu. I am reluctant too, but here I

To enter your OC make a comment on this journal with:

  • Pictures of your OC (better thumbs, if you haven't got core membership I'll reply to your comment putting the thumbs so everyone can see it). 
  • Information: Name, date of birth, gender, nationallity, rank and cloth, description of appearance... 
  • Personality. 
  • Byography (you can copy-paste the one you have on his/her reference).
  • Answer these questions :
    • What age is your OC at 1968?
    • What are the main events your OC lives around that year? 
    • Does your OC have any relationship (friendship, love, hostility, etc) with other OCs or Canon characters? 
    • What is the main goal of your OC around those years?

Thank you for reading! 





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